Corporate Profile

90 Years of Publications with NHK Broadcasts

In 1931, NHK Publishing, Inc. was established at the same time as NHK Radio 2 to provide textbooks for NHK Radio 2 programs.
NHK Publishing, Inc. continues to strive to meet the challenges and demands of the ever-changing and developing world of broadcasting.

Corporate Information

Corporate Name
NHK Publishing, Inc.
10-3, Udagawa-cho,
Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0042,
Date Established
April 1, 1931
Capital Stock
64.8 million yen
Number of Employees
Total Sales
13.42 billion yen
[As of March 31, 2023]

Message from the President

President Kouji Matsumoto

Breathing Fresh Air into the Publishing Industry

NHK Publishing Inc. strives to bring our readers experiences and encounters that only we can offer. Our company’s long history dating back over 90 years makes it even more important that we revisit our origins and breathe fresh air into the publishing media industry to usher in a new era.
In a world where the internet has penetrated every part of our daily lives and artificial intelligence is utterly redefining human intelligence, what exactly is the role of the publishing media?
Countless people the world over have had their lives changed by a single book. Books possess warmth. I can imagine quite a few people have found themselves sitting still for a while after closing a book just finished, savoring the feelings evoked by its reading. Only books give you this kind of experience.
Many people also claim their encounter with a language textbook led to new friends around the world, while others say books on familiar topics such as hobbies, health, and cooking make their lives richer or more enjoyable. Times may change, but encounters between people and books will always remain a major role of the publishing media.
On the other hand, the creation of new types of encounters for readers will be a critical task of the publishing media going forward. We will explore and offer content, services, and thrilling experiences that meet the needs of the digital era. And we will continue to tackle new challenges head on to breathe fresh air into the publishing industry.
As NHK Group’s sole publishing company, NHK Publishing Inc. shoulders the responsibilities of a public media service. We aim to provide content and services that are trusted, loved, and enjoyed by everyone who accesses them. We seek to become a provider of content and services that our readers genuinely find useful, valuable, and moving. This is our foremost ambition and mission.

Business Information

Textbooks for NHK TV and radio programs are published prior to the programs’ broadcasts.
Clear explanations in the textbooks help viewers and listeners better understand the contents of the programs they are studying.
e-books and
Every month, over 40 titles, mostly of the textbooks for NHK programs, are published in e-form. At present there are over 900 e-book titles provided from NHK Publishing.
Some of these titles are offered worldwide through international e-bookstores such as Kindle, Zinio and others.
Books and
Our largest endeavor is to develop products related to NHK programs, such as special documentaries, the Taiga Saga drama series, as well as others.
Advertisement and
We handle advertisements for magazines including NHK textbooks and drama guidebooks. We also provide a wealth of NHK textbooks and other materials for companies and organizations. In addition, we offer other services which include customized
publishing, the making of pamphlets and brochures, and the creation of applications.
Translation Rights
We conduct business regarding the sale of translation rights for publication,
focusing on the markets in Europe, the United States, and Asia such as China,
South Korea and Taiwan.
Merchandise for Retail
Viewers and listeners can better appreciate and enjoy our programs with related goods and accessories sold through our company.
Music Publishing and
Copyright Management
We oversee copyright management and master licensing for theme music and tunes used in NHK programs as well as creating and distributing master data.